1. Cloaks & Daggers Sample
2. Out of the Dark Sample
3. A Lamp Alight Sample Download
4. Green Leaves Falling Sample
5. The Light That Passes Through Me Sample
6. Vessels of Wrath Sample Download
7. Drowning or Baptizing? Sample
8. Ashes and Bones Sample
9. Never Ending Sample
10. Fields of Forever Sample
11. Our Twilight Sample
12. Bonesaw Blues Sample
13. Welcome the End Sample
14. Remains Sample
15. A Love Like Hell (bonus track) Sample Download

1. These Memories are Scars Sample
2. The Moon is Low Sample
3. Terminus Sample
4. Bruised/Unbroken Sample Download
5. Burning the Son Sample
6. Sunset Strip Mall Sample
7. The Struggle Sample
8. Tears in Rain Sample
9. In the Absence of Light Sample Download
10. Remembering the Fire Sample
11. One Step Forward Sample Download
12. Like Unsought Grace Sample

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Night Vision Download
These Memories are Scars (Buried By Life Remix) Download