September 2008: Recording of Dying Every Day's second full-length, which will be titled "Out of the Dark," has officially wrapped, and artwork is currently in production. Look for a single/free download to precede the record in a couple months. For now, samples of two new songs, "The Light That Passes Through Me (GbV)" and "Never Ending," are up in the Audio section.

June 2008: Samples of two new acoustic-based songs, "Green Leaves Falling" and "Our Twilight," are up now in the Audio section. There are a couple of others still in the works - the Guided By Voices tribute "The Light That Passes Through Me" and a very heavy, still-untitled song. But recording for "Album II" is winding down, and we're on track for a late fall/early winter release - look for a couple more samples and a yet-to-be-chosen free single to precede the new record.

February 2008: We're in the home stretch now with "Album II," and two more samples are up in the Audio section: the eerie rocker "Out of the Dark" and "Cloaks & Daggers," the instrumental, industrialized version of "Remains." Two more acoustic-based songs are in the works as well, so samples of those will precede the album release at some point. Feel free to send along your comments on the new tracks, and as always, thanks for listening.

November 2007: Well, it's been seven months since the last update, so we're definitely overdue. "Album II" is about three-quarters of the way finished, and looks to be at least as diverse as "The Struggle" - for proof, check out the two latest sample tracks in the Audio section: the metalcore "Welcome the End" and the acoustic ballad "Fields of Forever." Another track, "Out of the Dark," is in the final mixing stages, so keep an eye out for that one in the near future.

April 2007: "Album II" is progressing nicely, though having some gear in the shop for repairs has put a temporary damper on the process. Still, there are three completed full-length tracks so far and a couple more in-progress. Samples of all three finished songs - acoustic-based rocker "A Lamp, Alight," the heavy, chaotic "A Love Like Hell," and dark keyboard-based track "Ashes and Bones" - are up in the Audio section now, so check them out, and let me know what you think.

In other news, word just arrived that "The Struggle" - now more than a full year old - was chosen for a review in the progressive rock-oriented magazine Progression, which can found at Borders book stores or ordered online here. The new issue is due out at the end of this month, so pick up a copy or stop back here in a few weeks for a reprint of the review.

February 2007: Has it really been six months since the last news update? Let's get right to it then: Promotion for "The Struggle" has pretty much wound down, and I'm now hard at work on the second Dying Every Day full-length which, with the help of some new gear, should sound even better than the last one.

Most of the half dozen in-progress songs currently sport fascinating titles like "New Acoustic Song 90BPM," but that will of course change as they get polished up. So far, there's a pretty good mix of mellow tracks that would have fit nicely on "The Struggle," my first (brief) stab at "the blues," and a couple that are probably the heaviest Dying Every Day songs to date.

To get a small taste of what to expect, check out a sample of the new keyboard-based track "Ashes and Bones" at this link; it's also up in the Audio section now. As always, thanks for listening.

August 2006: A brand-new, industrial-style remix of "These Memories are Scars" was recently completed, and will be sent around the Internet sometime next month. But you can download it for free right now at this link and in the Audio section.

Also, "In the Absence of Light," the second single from "The Struggle," is still being worked to Internet radio stations and Web sites, so remember to request it wherever you listen to radio.

The CD version of "The Struggle" is currently on a special sale at for just $5.99, so this is a good time to pick up a copy if you haven't already.

Plus, every track from "The Struggle" is still available from iTunes for $.99 each at this link, and if you're a subscriber, all the songs are also available from Comcast Rhapsody for $.89 each at this link.

June 2006: Every track from "The Struggle" is now officially available to purchase from iTunes for $.99 each - or $9.99 for all 12 together - at this link. If you're a subscriber, all the songs are also available to buy from Comcast Rhapsody for $.89 each - or $8.99 for all 12 - at this link.

Songs can also be individually purchased in MP3 format at: and For more information, visit the Merch section.

Meanwhile, "In the Absence of Light," the dark, acoustic-based second single from "The Struggle," is now making its way around to Internet radio stations and Web sites. Request it wherever you go to listen to radio, and if they don't have it, tell them to get it here on